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Jennifer Colten ~ Edgelands


Edgeland spaces are spaces that occupy a certain ambiguity. They are spaces that were not built for particular purpose nor used in easily identifiable ways. They are generally places at the periphery, or in between other more definable areas. Therefore we are not generally aware of them. The transience or flux of these kinds of places is interesting to me. In some ways, I see the photographic medium as perfect vehicle for exploring this kind of space. The spaces themselves are elusive and fleeting and photography, especially digital photography, is suggestive of this immateriality or fluidity of information.


Journey 3 – Another Place

Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation on the foreshore at Crosby on Merseyside has become and iconic place to journey to , and around.

Another Place, Crosby , Merseyside
Sunday 27th July 2014