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There’s an Angel in the North…

It goes under the ground as deep at it is high… the steel is British from mills now closed.. the welders made redundant from shipyards built it… it’s actually set on the site of a closed coal pit… but it’s monumental in size and feeling. I can’t pass it in daylight without stopping.┬áIt’s Anthony Gormleys’ Angel of the North.

Angel of the North 1
Angel of the North… edit 1

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Attenborough Nature Reserve New Year’s Day 2011

New Year new blog.

This blog will be a record of my experimentation in photography and hopefully my record of work for a BA course in photography with the OCA.

I am combining this with my new Flickr account, to also showcase some of my work. In the past the images I have thought to be my best have become lost in the melee of the joint Flickr account which we set up years ago to share our holiday and general pictures with friends and family.

I took advantage of the sales to buy a new tool, a Canon EOS 5D MKII to ensure I have access to a full frame imaging tool again. This means that Jules now has full access to the EOS 400D which was the workhorse D-SLR, and so she has now set up her own Flickr account as well to showcase her talents.

New year , new blog, new start…