Suggested Reading List

Photography 1

The Art of Photography

Essential reading

  • Cotton, Charlotte, (2009). The Photograph as Contemporary rt (2nd revised ed), Thames and
  • Freeman, Michael, (2007). The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better
    Digital Photos, The Ilex Press
  • Hunter, Fil et al, (2009). Light: Science and Magic. An Introduction to Photographic
    Lighting, Focal Press
  • Wells, Liz, (2009). Photography: A Critical Introduction (2nd edition), , Routledge
  • Caruana, Natashia and Fox, Anna (2012). Behind the Image: Research in Photography, AVA

Recommended further reading

  • Badger, G. (2011) The Genius of Photography. London: Quadrille Publishing.
  • Shore, S. (2007) The Nature of Photographs: a Primer (2nd edition). London: Phaidon Press
  • Jay, Bill and Hurn, David, (1997) On Being a Photographer (Kindle edition), LensWork Publishing
  • Prakel, D. 2007. Basics Photography: lighting. Laussane: AVA Publishing.
  • Prakel, D. 2009. Basics Photography: exposure. Laussane: AVA Publishing.
  • Prakel, D. 2007. Basics Photography: composition. Laussane: AVA Publishing.
  • Sontag, Susan. (1979) On Photography, Harmondsworth: Penguin Books
  • Szarkowski, J. (2007) The Photographer’s Eye. New York: The Museum of Modern Art.
  • Wells, Liz. (2002) The Photography Reader, London: Routledge
  • Warner, M.W., 2002. Photography: a cultural history. London: Lawrence King Publishing

Essential journals

  • British Journal of Photography

  • Hotshoe

  • Photoworks

Essential websites


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