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My personal photography projects, some will be linked to or triggered by the OCA course. Most will be my personal experimentation with styles, techniques and processes.

Some of my Street Photography

I have been using Tumblr for some time now as a way of posting a mobile photography project, that seems to keep morphing via the use of my Canon G range of cameras.

The initial project was to utilise a workflow of shoot , process and publish, purely using mobile phones or devices. Mainly influenced by a Format PhotoForum talk by Australian Olly Lang ( Oggsie ). This now involves the use of settting a Canon G15 to a fixed focal range and shooting “from the hip” . Similar to Walker Evans Subway Photographs he made in the period 1938 to 1941. By setting a focus distance and keeping the camera in his coat he managed to make several stunning candid portraits.

The following where made in a similar way by me with only minimal corrections to straighten the shots and curves  – what you see is as is from the camera to the screen.

Journey 3 – Another Place

Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation on the foreshore at Crosby on Merseyside has become and iconic place to journey to , and around.

Another Place, Crosby , Merseyside
Sunday 27th July 2014

There’s an Angel in the North…

It goes under the ground as deep at it is high… the steel is British from mills now closed.. the welders made redundant from shipyards built it… it’s actually set on the site of a closed coal pit… but it’s monumental in size and feeling. I can’t pass it in daylight without stopping. It’s Anthony Gormleys’ Angel of the North.

Angel of the North 1
Angel of the North… edit 1

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