Research for Assignment One

From the Course Notes:

These are just a few practitioners who have worked within their locality and/or in an autobiographical way. Spend some time looking at their work to help you generate some ideas. Document your research and your initial ideas in your learning log.

From my research:

  • Nic Dafis 0n Flickr:  – a collection of images from his Welsh “home ground” – I like the way he finds items unique to an area and crops in tight as well as producing expansive landscapes.
  • Common Ground: – A charity created for glorying in the uniquness of specific areas – making people look for the beauty of their home ground.
  • Mark Kimber: – Australian photographer who looks around his local area for “edgelands” when there is no or little  human activity to show their unique qualities.
  • Paul Hill: Peak District based photographer who has a unique view of the landscape near his home.
  • Matthew Coleman: a document of the abandoned Heygate estate in London. It was again the lack of any presence of people and how nature starts to reclaim the spaces that intrigued me.
  • Rob Ball: – the series “Unremarkable Stories” came late into the mix after seeing his new work  Dreamlands at the Photographers Gallery in July 2015. I now own a copy of the limited print run photobook created for the exhibition of “Unremarkable Stories” and it has created a desire to create a similar work myself. I also found it very similar to Jodi Taylor’s OCA work.

how I am learning to see the world…