Expressing Your Vision Assignment One Submission

Expressing Your Vision – Assignment One Submission

Square Mile

My first impressions of this assignment were that despite sounding simple it could be accomplished on several levels as an ongoing project. It also tied in with a project that I had already considered starting after reading Edgelands[i] as I now live in an area similar to that described and also grew up in the same one that the authors did. I felt the only way I could do this was to consider how my younger self would see the environment my older self was now in, so I started looking for elements from the book and parallels with my life then and now.

I listed several on my blog pages as part of the original research[ii] but Rob Ball’s Series “Unremarkable Stories”[iii] had greatly influenced my final choice of images. A lot of my images are remarkably similar but where initially more influenced by Paul Hill[iv]and Mark Kimber[v]as I wanted to show the effect of people on the landscape without showing people.

Technically I decided to user Program mode as much as possible to be able to show the development through this course and the same camera and lens. I chose to use my Canon 7D as the bulk of the images were shot during a period of almost continual rain. Also I wanted the flat light so I could put emphasis on shapes, leading lines colour and patterns.

I limited post production to adjusting curves and levels with some minor cropping to correct some minor problems with horizontal and vertical lines. I also decided to go for six complementary pairs rather than twelve completely isolated images.

I feel the collection as a whole is a good point of reference but I also feel that not retaining the same orientation for all of them has possibly been a mistake.

I like the strong shapes in the two Worship images that clearly link them but also feel that the Suburbia images are not as technically competent as they should be. However I wanted to include them as they show a strong contrast between social and private housing.

This project is something I consider maybe a suitable candidate to continue for the rest of the course and maybe a basis for a book, however I also need to decide on if I will consciously keep the human element at bay or introduce this as a complementary element.

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